This is why a beginner should learn HTML

This is why a beginner should learn HTML

This is why a beginner should learn HTML

My name is Leon, and I am the author of several textbooks that you can find for free on the Amazon Kindle store. The first textbook I released was an introductory textbook about HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. The second textbook was about JavaScript. The third was about SEO, and then finally, the last one was about the field of AI. The book about jQuery is currently in the making and will be published towards the end of the year.

In this blog post, I would like to talk about why I believe that HTML is an excellent place for novice programmers to start learning programming and computer science. This blog post will include my own opinion and personal experiences so feel free to disagree and let me know in the comments, or you can contact me on my website for any questions here:

When I was ten years old, I was exposed to the internet, and I was immediately captivated by how websites were designed and how they worked. I was very excited about how I could go on Facebook and chat with my friends in real-time. I was fascinated by how Google could put nothing on a webpage except for their logo, a search bar, a few buttons on the top of the page and make the webpage feel like it was full of substance. This moment is when I started building websites using outdated site-building platforms that are now long gone. These site-building platforms had an option for me to add my HTML and CSS code, which got me curious about what it was. I began researching, and after reading countless articles, staring at the documentation and watching a lot of videos, I taught myself HTML and CSS. That was the very first language that I learned, so obviously, I am going to be biased in this blog post. After learning those, I went on to learn JavaScript, jQuery, Java, PHP, MySQL, and many other programming languages that gave me a solid foundation in the Computer Science field.

The main reason someone should learn HTML in the first place is that it is straightforward. HTML is a markup language which means that it has a closing tag to almost every opening tag in it. I have tried teaching a few of my friends Java, and no matter how I explained it or more many times I tried, it just didn’t make sense to them. With Java, you need to first declare the primary function with a lot of scary words like “public static void (String [] args).” What this did, for the most part, was scare off my friends who ultimately gave up on learning it.

On the contrary, friends who I tried teaching HTML first to mastered it and went on to learn other languages like JavaScript within weeks. In my opinion, the reason for this is that HTML is just more fun than Java or any different word I can think of. HTML gives you a visual representation of your result without having to deal with complicated GUIs. Another reason I believe HTML caught on is that it is a straightforward language to learn with not many elements to it. It does get a lot more complicated when you throw in JavaScript or XML, but for the most part, just basic HTML can easily be used to inspire someone to go into web development or perhaps even computer science.

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