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Storage Depot

Revitalizing Storage Depot’s Online Presence: Website Redesign for a Premier Self-Storage Company in Union, Missouri

Storage Depot, a well-established self-storage facility located in Union, Missouri, is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies that prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. With features like 24/7 video surveillance cameras and access code gate entry with security fencing, Storage Depot offers top-notch amenities to its clients. However, they lacked a modern website that effectively communicated their state-of-the-art offerings. That’s where our team stepped in.

Working closely with Storage Depot representatives, we identified design features that aligned with their brand identity. Through streamlined communication and collaboration, we were able to deliver a website redesign that captures the essence of their business within a month.

We invite you to explore the website redesign we completed for Storage Depot at to experience the elevated online presence of this premier self-storage company in Union, Missouri.

“We needed a smooth transition from the old website to the new one, and STL has helped us achieve that. Furthermore, there’s been an increase in traffic, and our customers like it a lot more than the old one. The design and functionality are much better.”
Keith Johnson

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