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Enhancing Healthcare with Amie, by FavorHealth

"They have always delivered items on time. Never made empty promises. Always honest about challenges of a proposed software build or upgrade"
- Hakim Morsli
Co-Founder, FavorHealth.

Client: FavorHealth

Date: March, 2024

Website Link: favorhealth.org

Enhancing Healthcare with Amie, by FavorHealth

As a trusted technology partner, STL Website Development is proud to collaborate with FavorHealth in delivering Amie, the new face of healthcare. Amie is a revolutionary virtual surgical assistant designed to support hospitals and physicians in providing patients with real-time instructions and guidance to prepare for surgery and recover properly.

At STL Website Development, we understand the critical role that effective communication plays in ensuring successful surgeries and patient outcomes. Through our partnership with FavorHealth, we have contributed to the development and maintenance of the Amie platform, which serves as a cornerstone in modernizing healthcare delivery.

Key Features and Benefits of Amie Include:

  • Preventing cancellations: Amie guides patients through pre-surgery preparations, reducing the likelihood of cancellations and optimizing operating room utilization.
  • Improving the bottom line: By streamlining patient communication and engagement, Amie helps physicians increase patient satisfaction and operational efficiency, leading to improved financial performance.
  • Engaging patients: Amie provides patients with personalized guidance and support, fostering greater engagement and empowerment throughout their surgical journey.
  • Reducing readmissions: Through post-surgery follow-up and guidance, Amie helps reduce the risk of readmissions and supports patients in achieving optimal recovery outcomes.


As a technology partner, STL Website Development has played a role in enhancing the Amie platform, delivering new features, and ensuring its continued functionality and performance. Our team is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and improve healthcare delivery for patients and providers alike.

Experience the transformative impact of Amie by visiting the FavorHealth website at 


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