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Vision and Values


At STL Website Development, our mission is to help local businesses thrive by helping them generate leads and clients from online marketing


Customer satisfaction is STL Website Development's top priority. We believe that it is better to work an extra 20 hours on a project and then have a happy client than break even.


We constantly look for better ways to provide more value to our customers and clients. STL Website Development wishes to be your one stop shop for advancing your business to the next level.


We do as we say and we say as we do. We constantly strive to achieve results that meet or exceed your expectations.


We believe in treating people we want to be treated. We treat clients and customers well and in return, we hope they will recommend us to others.


We strive to build a work environment that provides a fun and challenging environment for everyone.


Our team members respect each other and work as a team to provide the best customer experience.


We constantly try to learn new skills to provide more out of the box marketing ideas to help clients and customers grow their brand.

Social Responsibility

We give back to the community with every chance we get. Our most important value is helping local businesses in Saint Louis thrive and therefore propel the local economy.

Our Team

stl website development

Leon Krugliakov

stl website development

Michael Navazhylau